“Walk with Me”– A memoir

Walk with Me by Bob Mooers Cover and back

Sometimes I get a call from a frustrated writer about how to get their creative musings to the printed page. These are not usually career authors, but people who have had much more interesting backgrounds and life experiences. Such was the case with Bob Mooers. His wife, Adena, called me because her husband — retired roofer, avid hiker, and poet — wanted to put all of this writings into a book that he could give to family members and friends as gifts. The result was perfect! I helped with organizing, editing, formatting, cover design, and a little one-on-one computer training that went a long way toward alleviating man vs. machine meltdown. Let’s just say, my tips for “getting along with your computer” was a lifesaver for Bob — and his wife! They were such a lovely couple to work with and I treasure the copy of his book he inscribed with: “… your work and talents leap from the pages of this beautiful book.” Thanks, Bob! It was my pleasure.