Samson Rope

Samson Rope in Ferndale, Washington, was actually my first client when I hung out my shingle as a freelance editor. Our relationship started with copyediting every single brochure, manual, and catalog following content updates and a redesign. This was no small task as Samson has hundreds of different ropes specific to dozens of industries and is a globally recognized leader in rope manufacturing. After getting all the new print materials done over the course of a year, the marketing director then undertook a huge website overhaul. You have to check it out, it’s amazing! (Go to Samson Rope to see what I mean.) Not knowing the first thing about rope, I was pretty intimidated, but after reading literally thousands of articles, descriptions, and newsletters, and helping with the new website (every click and link, plus the content), I feel I am a pretty savvy rope connoisseur. I’ve read all of their splicing instructions, technical papers, brochures and catalogs, and case studies. Ask me anything!