CASCADIA Women’s Film Festival

Proofreading of information booklet

Copyediting the program for the second annual CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival (CIWFF) was a unique pleasure because I got a sneak peek at the films and directors who would be coming to this wonderful event in Bellingham, Wash. When I saw Edie Falco on the cover, I knew we’d be in for some special films directed by women. And the lineup did not disappoint! The four-day festival was packed with films — long and short — as well as panel discussions, meet-and-greets, a script studio, and a special Q&A with Cheryl Boone Isaacs, past-president of The Academy — THE Academy; the Oscars! She was lovely. All of the directors and special guests who came to our little town woke it right up. Many of the films were sold out and all of the talks were lively and engaging. Silly, I know, to be so starstruck, but I am always excited to be part of this event. Even copyeditors get to hob-nob once in awhile. (More about CASCADIA is here: Don’t miss next year’s festival!

Executive Director of CIWFF Cheryl Crooks — my neighbor and longtime friend — after the opening film, Outside In (starring Edie Falco and Jay Duplass — awesome!) at the Pickford Film Center April 12, 2018.
Here I am at the opening night after-party getting a feel for what it’s like to be a celebrity! Next to me is Lorraine Wilde (PR for CASCADIA), director/producer Michele Westmorland (Headhunt Revisited), and documentary director Yassamin Maleknasr (Women of the Silk Road). Both of these films are daring and raw. Stunning. Just like their directors.
I think they asked me to be in the picture because I matched Yassamin! (Thank you Stacee Sledge for taking these photos)
Chatting with Cheryl at Vinestrology where everyone gathered after the opening film.