Copy Editor and Media Services, Bellingham WA

Rates for services


A fresh pair of eyes for one last look over your print-ready document. Attention is paid only to errors of spelling, punctuation and style.

  • $40 per hour
  • Approximately 5-7 manuscript pages* per hour
  • Sample rate: 20 pages would run about $120-$160


A more in-depth look at your writing before publication. Judicious but defensible editing to maintain your voice and intent while correcting indisputable errors in syntax, grammar, usage and spelling. Editing for style will depend on your intended publication’s preference. Some rewriting may be necessary.

  • Manuscripts, dissertations, academic papers, books, plays
  • Approximately 2-5 manuscript pages per hour (350 words per page)
  • $50 per hour
  • Sample rate: 20 pages (7,000 words) might run about $250-$500 (or 5-10 hours depending on complexity)
  • That’s a lot of math, so contact me for a personal estimate.

*Please note that the industry standard for a page is  12-point type, double-spaced, with 1″ margins, or approximately 350 words.

I work with MS Word using the “track changes” feature. If you require another approach, please contact me and we’ll discuss options.



More complicated editing that incorporates above concepts but includes restructuring and rewriting as needed. Advice, guidance and personal attention to your writing is available throughout your project.

Intended for manuscripts of more than 100 pages. $50 for a one-hour consultation and personal pricing package for one-on-one service with editor.



Advertising and promotional materials; newsletters; directories; presentation materials; business suites and digital slideshows. Priced per project. Contact me for a personalized estimate.


I look forward to discussing your project. Drop me a line, or call.